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“Fire and Polymers - 2022” to be held at the Embassy Suites, Napa, CA will bring together chemists, material scientists, and fire safety scientists to discuss the newest advances and unsolved problems in this multidisciplinary field of research.  This workshop covers applied chemistry, chemical-focused materials science, chemical structure-property relationships, and fire safety science/engineering research and development topics.  This was previously a symposium offered every four years at various ACS national meetings, but has outgrown a national meeting symposium format. 


The objectives of this workshop are as follows:

  • Provide state-of-the-art presentations on the current status of, and recent advancements in, flame retardancy of polymeric materials

  • Bring together leading research scientists and engineers in this field from around the world to foster networking and stimulate collaborative research.  New insights and new advances will be made through these connections.

  • Promote better awareness of the utility of and opportunities for flame retardants in many applications to all participants (academic, industrial, and government).


Prof. Jaime Grunlan
Leland T. Jordan ’29 Chair Professor
Department of Mechanical Engineering
3123 - Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3123
(979) 845-3027 office
(979) 845-3081 fax

Dr. Alexander Morgan

Group Leader, Energy and Environmental Sciences

University of Dayton Research Institute

Dayton, OH 45469-7531

(937) 229-3079 office

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