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Oral presentations will include academic/government/industry experts in chosen areas discussing their discoveries and developments in the preparation, structure and properties of layered systems. The program will be organized similar to that of a Gordon Conference, with morning and evening sessions, and afternoons devoted to networking.

Specific areas of interest include but are not limited to:


  • Flame Retardant Chemistry

  • Polymer Nanotechnology for Flame Retardant Applications

  • Flame Retardant Surface Treatments

  • Fire and Thermal Polymer Degradation Modeling

  • Processing and Preparation of Flame Retardant Materials

  • Combustion Structure and Property Relationships

  • Fire Testing and Methodology

  • Regulations, Codes & Standards of Fire and Environmental Safety


A poster session for students who cannot present oral talks is expected as well to occur during one (or more) of the evening networking events. 

... Speaker list forming now.

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We believe in the strength of diversity in all its forms, because the inclusion of and respect for diverse people, experiences, and ideas lead to superior solutions to world challenges and advances polymer chemistry as a global, multidisciplinary science.


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