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Oral presentations will include academic/government/industry experts in chosen areas discussing their discoveries and developments in the preparation, structure and properties of layered systems. The program will be organized similar to that of a Gordon Conference, with morning and evening sessions, and afternoons devoted to networking. We expect attendees from a broad range of universities, industry and government labs.




  • Jorge Almodovar (University of Arkansas)

  • Jason D. Azoulay (The University of Southern Mississippi)

  • Eric Baer (Case)

  • Emiliano Bilotti (Queen Mary University London)

  • Shelley Clariedge (Purdue)

  • Jaime Grunlan (Texas A&M)

  • Xiaodan Gu (USM)

  • Mohammad Hassan (Qatar University)

  • Ilia Ivanov (ORNL)

  • Alamgir Karim (Univ. Houston)

  • Nicholas Kotov (Michigan)

  • Kevin Krogman (Eastman Chemical)

  • Daeyeon Lee (Univ. Penn)

  • Joseph L. Lenhart (USARL)

  • Jodie Lutkenhaus (Texas A&M)

  • Chris Macosko (UMN)

  • Sergio Nazarenko (Univ. Southern Miss)

  • Al Nelson (UW)​

  • Michael Pointing (Polymer Plus)

  • Jeff Pyun (University of Arizona)

  • Jessica Schiffman (UMASS)

  • Eric Schindelholz (OSU)

  • Kenan Song (ASU)

  • Erik Spoerke (Sandia)

  • Martin Thuo (U Iowa)

  • James Watkins (UMASS)

  • Gary Wnek (Case)

  • Mason A. Wolak (US Naval Research Lab)

  • Lei Zhu (Case)

The program will include but not limited to:

  • Forced assembly processes

  • Layer-by-layer assembly

  • Co-extrusion with nano-confinement in layers

  • Optical applications

  • Transport and barrier applications in packaging and in electronics

  • Novel layered structures, including nanofiber

  • Flammability and fire safety in layered systems

The program itself will be a combination of 30-40 technical talks and sharing of ideas, with a poster session and multiple opportunities for networking

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