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In honor of the many contributions of Prof. James E. McGrath, including the creation of the "Advances in Polyolefins" workshop series in 1997, APO 2017 introduced a lectureship in his honor. Prof. McGrath was the University Distinguished Professor and Ethyl Corp. Professor of Chemistry at Virginia Tech. He wrote more than 400 articles and was a co-inventor of 40 patents. Prof. McGrath was the recipient of many awards in recognition of his scientific contributions.

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Geoffrey W. Coates - Cornell University

Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology

Invited Speakers
  • Umang Agarwal (Shell)

  • Amanda Brandao (Pontifícia Universidade Catolica do Rio de Janeiro)

  • Dongmei Cui (Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

  • Christopher Ellison (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)

  • Sharon Elyashiv-Barad (US Food and Drug Administration)

  • Daniela Ferrari (Dow)

  • Robert Froese (Dow)

  • Markus Gahleitner (Borealis)

  • LaShanda Korley (University of Delaware)

  • Ronald Larson (University of Michigan)

  • Frank Liebfarth (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)

  • Timothy McKenna (ESCPE Lyon/CNRS UMR)

  • Stefan Mecking (Universitat Konstanz)

  • Sara Orski (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

  • Francisco Perez Valencia (SABIC)

  • Lina Prada (SABIC)

  • Michael Shaver (University of Manchester)

  • Margaret Sobkowitz-Klein (University of Massachusetts, Lowell)

  • Vasileos Touloupidis (Borealis)

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