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Thank you to our sponsors
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This registration package will include:

  • access to more than 40 lecturers who are experts in their field

  • participation at the poster/exhibit session

  • more than 6 networking breaks and socials scheduled throughout the workshop to connect with speakers and participants

  • continuous access to wifi in the guestrooms and meeting space

  • online access to meeting materials before, during, and after the event

If you would prefer to communicate directly with the Division of Polymer Chemistry Business Office, send your correspondence with remittance to Carlee Black, Division of Polymer Chemistry, Inc., Virginia Tech, ICTAS II – Virginia Tech, 1075 Life Science Circle, MC 0917, Blacksburg, VA 24061. Phone: 540-231- 3029, Email:
Simply copy the below information and place it in the body of an email to Lesia:

Prof. Dr. Mr. Ms. Mrs. Miss
Mailing Address:
City: State: Zip:
Phone: Fax:


Registration Rates Coming Soon...

Total Amount Due: $

Payment by:

__ Check/Transfer __ Credit Card


Exp. Date:
Account #:


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