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To support you in your planning of the upcoming ACS Meeting, POLY is sharing details that may be of interest to you as a Division of Polymer Chemistry community. 

Meet the POLY Programming Team

Haase, Danniebelle (1).jpg

Danniebelle Haase

Dow, Inc.

Rob Mathers

Pennsylvania State University

Levi Moore

U. S. Air Force 


Sara Orski


Propose a POLY Symposium

You are invited!

Tuesday, March 28, 2023, 12:00 pm

  • Programming Happy Hour 


The POLY Programming Team is here to create a well-rounded ACS National Meeting polymer program, provide guidance, and assist session organizers and presiders. Your input on future session topics and suggestions on improved programming techniques will help us reach this goal. Interested organizers are encouraged to complete the proposal form, especially for the 2023 national meetings in Indianapolis (Spring) and San Francisco (Fall)!

Thank You POLY Organizers

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