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The program will be developed as we get closer to the event.


Sun- Late afternoon for Registration, welcome remarks, programming, and reception
Mon – Full day of programming with an afternoon break for site seeing/networking and evening poster session/networking reception
Tue – Full day of programming with an afternoon break for site seeing/networking
Wed – Half day of programming

Oral presentations will include academic/government/industry experts in chosen areas discussing their discoveries and developments in the preparation, structure, and properties of layered systems. The program will be organized similarly to that of a Gordon Conference, with morning and evening sessions, and afternoons devoted to networking.

Specific areas of interest include but are not limited to:


  • Flame Retardant Chemistry

  • Polymer Nanotechnology for Flame Retardant Applications

  • Flame Retardant Surface Treatments

  • Fire and Thermal Polymer Degradation Modeling

  • Processing and Preparation of Flame Retardant Materials

  • Combustion Structure and Property Relationships

  • Fire Testing and Methodology

  • Regulations, Codes & Standards of Fire and Environmental Safety


A poster session for students who cannot present oral talks is expected as well to occur during one (or more) of the evening networking events. 

Invited Speakers

  • Serge Bourbigot, University of Lille, France

  • Todd Emrick, University of Massachusetts, USA

  • Gaelle Fontaine, University of Lille, France

  • Sabyasachi Gaan, EMPA, Switzerland

  • Hatsuo Ishida, Case Western Reserve University, USA

  • Paul Joseph, Victoria University, Australia

  • Richard Lyon, Federal Aviation Administration, USA

  • Ravi Mosurkal, Army Research Labs, Natick, USA

  • Ramaswamy Nagarajan, University of Massachusetts, USA

  • Gordon Nelson, Florida Institute of Technology

  • Fernando Raffan-Montoya, University of Maryland, USA

  • Pingan Song, University of Southern Queensland, Australia

  • Stanislav Stoliarov, University of Maryland, USA

  • Svetlana Tretsiakova-McNally, University of Ulster, United Kingdom

  • Mauro Zammarano, NIST, USA

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