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The program will be developed as we get closer to the event.


Sun- Late afternoon for Registration, welcome remarks, programming, and reception
Mon – Full day of programming with extended afternoon break for site seeing/networking and evening networking reception
Tue – Full day of programming and evening poster session/networking reception
Wed – Half day of programming

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Confirmed Speakers

  • Athina Anastasaki, ETH Zurich

  • Alexandru Asandei, UCONN

  • Edmondo Maria Benetti, ETH Zurich

  • Cyrille Boyer, UNSW Sydney

  • Guosong Chen, Fudan University

  • Jorge Coelho, University of Coimbra

  • Michelle Coote, Australian National University

  • Michael Cunningham, Queens University

  • Mathias Destarac, Paul Sabatier University - Toulouse III

  • Haifeng Gao, University of Notre Dame

  • Didier Gigmes, Aix-Marseille Université

  • David Haddleton, University of Warwick

  • Simon Harrisson, LCPO CNRS

  • Craig Hawker, University of California, Santa Barbara

  • Tanja Junkers, Monash University

  • Masami Kamigaito, Nagoya University

  • Bert Klumperman, Stellenbosch University

  • Dominik Konkolewicz, University of Miami, Ohio

  • Patrick Lacroix-Desmazes, ENSCM, Montpellier

  • Eva Malmstrom, KTH

  • Kris Matyjaszewski, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Garret Miyake, University of Colorado Boulder

  • Graeme Moad, CSIRO

  • Michael Monteiro, University of Queensland

  • Julien Nicolas, University of Paris SUD

  • Kohji Ohno, Kyoto University

  • Rachel O’Reilly, University of Birmingham

  • Makoto Ouchi, Kyoto University

  • Sebastien Perrier, University of Warwick

  • Rinaldo Poli, LCC CNRS

  • Alan Russell, Carnegie Mellon University

  • Brent Sumerlin, University of Florida

  • Chuanbing Tang, University of South Carolina

  • San Thang, Monash University

  • Nick Tsarevsky, Southern Methodist University

  • Karen Wooley, Texas A&M University


The meeting is meant to highlight recent advances in both the fundamental and materials aspects of CRP and include speakers who focus on mechanisms of CRP, functionality and architectural control, biorelated polymers, hybrid materials and heterogeneous systems, and materials and industrial aspects of CRP. The compilation will describe the current state of the art of CRP and is unique in that it combines all important aspects of this important family of synthetic techniques: from synthetic procedures, to rational selection of reaction components, to understanding of the reaction mechanisms, to materials and applications. This meeting will target chemists and polymer scientists in academia, industry, and government.