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Prof. Mahdi Abu-Omar

University of California, SB

Prof. Andrew Dove
University of Birmingham

Prof. Elizabeth Gilles

Western University

Prof. Dr. Michael Meier

Karlsruhe Inst. of Tech.

Prof. Charlotte Williams

University of Oxford

Dr. Kate Beers


Dr. Jeanette Garcia


Dr. Brett Helms

Lawrence Berkeley National Lab

Prof. Stuart Rowan

University of Chicago

Prof. Jinwen Zhang

Washington State University

  • Prof. Jeffrey Byers, Boston College

  • Prof. Paula Diaconescu, UCLA

  • Prof. John R. Dorgan, Michigan State University

  • Prof. Robert Grubbs, Stonybrook

  • Prof. Sophie Guillaume, CNRS

  • Prof. Li Jia, University of Akron

  • Prof. Andrea Kasko, UCLA

  • Prof. Amy Landis, Colorado School of Mines

  • Prof. Zhibo Li, ICCAS

  • Prof. Stephen A. Miller, University of Florida

  • Prof. Karin Odelius, KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Prof. Brad Olsen, MIT

  • Prof. Coleen Pugh, Wichita

  • Prof. Michi Sander, ETH Zurich

  • Prof. Joe Stanzione, Rowan Univ.

  • Prof. Jane Wissinger, University of Minnesota



  • Sun- Late afternoon for Registration, welcome remarks, programming, and reception

  • Mon – Full day of programming with extended afternoon break for site seeing/networking and evening networking reception and poster session

  • Tues – Full day of programming and evening networking reception

  • Wed – Half day of programming

  • Polymers from renewable feedstocks

  • Renewable polymer blends and copolymers

  • Polymers prepared from biocatalysts (enzymes, microbes, and other organisms) including polymers from lignin depolymerization products

  • Renewable polymer composites (renewable fillers and their dispersion/interface in polymer matrices)

  • Challenges from an industrial perspective for implementation of green materials

  • End-of-life behavior: polymer recycling (physical and chemical routes) and degradation (in composts, oceans, etc).

  • Challenges and current art for life cycle assessments (LCAs) to quantify the sustainability of green polymers