Stimulus-Responsive Polymers and Liquid Crystal Elastomers

April 27 2021

11:30 AM EDT


The success of the Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) webinars made clear that the polymer community benefits from seminars accessible to all members, especially those who cannot travel to ACS Meetings and POLY workshops. POLY is providing access to in-depth thematic content in modern areas of Polymer Chemistry in the form of a POLY Webshop. POLY's Industrial Advisory Board is pleased to co-sponsored the next installment on Stimulus-Responsive Polymers and Liquid Crystal Elastomers.

For the April 2021 installment of POLY Webshops and hosted by Peter Poul (AramcoAmericas), the webshop will highlight Chis Bowman (University of Colorado at Boulder, Shu Yang (University of Pennsylvania), and Shengqiang Cai (University of California at San Diego) who will be offering expanded 35-minute virtual lectures on the latest advances in Stimulus-Responsive Polymers and Liquid Crystal Elastomers.

Co-sponsored and organized by the POLY Industrial Advisory Board. 


Speakers and Topics


Prof. Chris Bowman

University of Colorado at Boulder

Title: TBD


Prof. Shu Yang

University of Pennsylvania

Title: Pre-programming and Reprogamming Liquid Crystal Elastomer Composites


Prof. Shengqiang Cai


Title: Liquid Crystal Elastomer Artificial Muscle for Soft Robots



Peter Boul



Co-Chair of the Industrial Advisory Board


The live broadcast will feature:

  • Three presenters who are leaders in Stimulus-Responsive Polymers and Liquid Crystal Elastomers

  • April 27, 2021

  • Starting at 11:30 AM EDT

  • Peter Boul will host and moderate this event.

Dominik Konkolewicz

Executive Producer

Miami University

Departments of Chemistry

and Biochemistry


For further inquiries, please contact

Lesia Pristas


Participation is limited to 500 so make sure you register in advance. To do so, simply complete the registration form by clicking the link below to receive a confirmation email.  A confirmation will be emailed to you the moment your registration is complete and your access will be provided via an email with access information prior to the event. 


For further information, please contact Lesia L. Pristas at


Live Webshop

April 27, 2021

11:30 AM EDT

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