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Designing Catalysts for Tailored Polymers



The success of the Division of Polymer Chemistry (POLY) webinars made clear that the polymer community benefits from seminars accessible to all members, especially those who cannot travel to ACS Meetings and POLY workshops. POLY is providing access to in-depth thematic content in modern areas of Polymer Chemistry in the form of a POLY Webshop. Webshops feature a two-hour virtual workshop experience without requiring members to account for travel time or substantial expenses.

For the February on-demand installment of POLY Webshops and hosted by Brian Long (U. Tenn Knoxville) the webshop will highlight three speakers, Geoffrey Coates (Cornell), Paula Diaconescu (UCLA),  and Charlotte Williams (U. Oxford), who will be offering expanded 35-minute virtual lectures on the latest advances in Designing Catalysts for Tailored Polymers. This is a pre-recorded event.

Speakers and Topics

February 2, 2021 - 

February 9, 2021


The pre-recorded broadcast will feature:

  • Three presenters who are leaders in the field of catalysts in polymers.

  • February 2, 2021 to February 9, 2021

  • Dr. Brian Long (UT Knoxville) as host.


Geoffrey Coates

Cornell University

Title: New Methods for the Synthesis of Sustainable Polymers: Advances in Catalysis



Paula Diaconescu


Title: Redox Switchable Polymerization for Block Copolymer Synthesis



Charlotte Williams

University of Oxford

Title: Switchable Polymerization Catalysis: Order From Monomer Mixtures



Brian Long


University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Departments of Chemistry



Dominik Konkolewicz


Miami University

Departments of Chemistry

and Biochemistry


For further inquiries, please contact

Lesia Pristas lesiar@vt.edu


It is with pleasure to provide this focused virtual workshop experience of modern Polymer Chemistry content for POLY members for accessing anywhere and to encourage our members who do not already attend meetings to take advantage of this valuable membership experience. Since registration is only $49.00 usd, please register early to ensure that your ability to attend is confirmed.  Register now.


Participation is limited to those individuals who have purchased an access code in advance. To do so, simply register by clicking the link below to receive a confirmation email.  A confirmation will be emailed to you the moment your registration is complete and your access will be provided via an email with access information prior to the event. One access code allows ten "shares" to view and participate in the webshop so that your department can have open access. 

For further information, please contact Lesia L. Pristas at lesiar@vt.edu.


Re-broadcast Webshop

February 2, 2021

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