December 11 - 14, 2016

Omni Hotel

San Diego, California USA

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Dr. Joseph M. Mabry
Air Force Research Laboratory
Propulsion Materials and Applications
Edwards AFB, CA 93524
Phone: (661) 275-5857


Dr. Andrew Guenther, Air Force Research Laboratory

Dr. Stephen Clarson, University of Cincinnati
Dr. Kenneth J. Wynne, Virginia Commonwealth Univ.
Dr. Gregory Yandek, Air Force Research Lab
Dr. Anish Tuteja, University of Michigan
Dr. Scott Iacono, US Air Force Academy
Dr. Yoshiki Chujo, Kyoto University
Dr. Richard Laine, University of Michigan



Silicon is ubiquitously found in various aspects of polymer chemistry and engineering. From silanes to silicates, silicon has a tremendous impact on the properties of novel substances that influence modern material applications and industries. Despite the extensive historical progression in the development of silicon-containing materials, the versatility of the element promises continued opportunity. This workshop will offer presentations on recent advances in silicon-containing compounds, polymers, and composites. Various levels of investigation will be presented, from fundamental research to commercial product development.


Because this workshop is dedicated to the chemistry and engineering of silicon materials and products, the attendees tend to be those who work in this field. Avoiding the busy, overcrowded atmosphere of a national meeting, the workshop environment allows for more detailed and in-depth discussions between attendees from academic, industrial, and government laboratories. During past meetings, research funding has been secured, development plans have been outlined, and commercialization activities have taken place. We hope you will be able to join us.


The organizers have put together a Virtual Issue, with papers presented at previous workshops, to be published by the American Chemical Society in the coming month. Selected presenters will be invited to submit their manuscripts to ACS Pubs for consideration in the next workshop-focused Virtual Issue.